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With the constant progress of science and technology, occupational safety and health of the workers is becoming more and more prominent and enterprise production safety accidents also continues to increase. What have become a trend in today's society is to improve the level of enterprise's production safety, to protect the interests of enterprise employees and interested party's health and safety, to undertake corporate social responsibility and obligations and to protect the labor rights.

In line with the people-oriented management philosophy, SYE improves the working environment and completely implements GB/T28001, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety system. SYE tries to create a comfortable, safe and healthy working environment for all staff by increasing the protection and identification on equipment, providing enough labor protection appliances, and organizing regular environmental monitoring and employee physical examination to reduce the risk of employees' occupational health and safety.

OHSAS Policy

Care for life

Abidance to legislation

Manage risks

Development with sustainability

The Interpretation of Policy

Caring about employee life and occupational health, observing production management principle of “safety first, precaution crucial”, and striving to decrease the occurrence of industrial accidents and occupational injuries and eradicate occupational diseases through the precaution and management of work site.

Strictly observing international, domestic and local laws, regulations and standards of occupational health and safety, and establishing, improving and carrying out the safety and health management mechanism.
Setting the goal of control of unacceptable occupational health and safety risk and making and implementing the control procedure and management strategy.
Continuously improving occupational health and safety performance by regular monitoring and review to promote continuous development.

Established Time

Sep.2010    OHSAS18001

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