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Information Security Management System

In the rapidly developing information era, computer and network has become an indispensable part of our work and life. Relating to the enterprise development, design information and technical information have become important assets of the enterprise for survival, with increasing value of enhancing the enterprise competitiveness. At the same time, all kinds of security threat will be faced. Especially for PCB industry, not only shall we pay attention to Internal technical information but also the customer information. Once the information property is damaged, irreparable harm will come to the customer and enterprise.

In line with our law-abiding business and the principle of protecting customers’ and the company's internal intellectual property interests, SYE is committed to implementing GB/T22080, ISO/IEC27001 and then ensures the information security by the perfect management system and advanced information technology.

Information Security Policy

Enhance Information security awareness

Improve information management technology

Prevent information security incidents

Protect sustainable business growth

The Interpretation of Policy

Protecting customers’ benefits and raising the awareness of information security management by training the management and employees; improving information security facilities and optimizing the management to lower the information security risks and reduce the occurrence of information security incidents. 

Strictly observing relevant national and industrial laws and regulations, and in line with principle of running business with faith and honesty, satisfying information security  requirements of business, customers and company.

According to risk control strategy of protecting customer design information and RD information in the process of usage and business management, establishing the suitable risk assessment criteria, and conducting risk assessment of assets, and then making, implementing, monitoring and improving control measures to ensure the continuous development of business.

Established Time

Jan.2011    ISO/IEC27001


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