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Environmental Management System

With the vigorous development of the economy, the ecological environment has been deteriorating with serious threat to human survival and sustainable development, and increasingly being the universal concern of the whole society. The enterprises pay more and more attention to their own environmental performance and image because of regulatory requirements, the expectations of the public, and the need of competition.

As a modern enterprise with strong sense of responsibility, we focus on environmental protection. In terms of hardware, SYE has established a complete set of environmental protection facilities to ensure the standard discharge of waste water, waste gas and noise emissions. In terms of software, SYE has implemented ISO14001 environment management system to ensure continuous improvement and made great effort to achieve the environmental goals on continuous energy-saving, emission reduction and consumption reduction.

Environmental Policy

Protect the environment against pollution. 

Economize the resources and manufacture green products,

All staff shall participate in environmental protection for sustainable development.

Abide by the laws and benefit society.

The Interpretation of Policy 

For the commitment of protecting environment, establishing environmental management system and strengthening the management of hazardous waste to avoid the negative effect of chemicals leakage in environment and achieve pollution prevention and clean production.

Raising staff’s awareness of environmental protection and improving their skills to achieve the continuous improvement in environmental management system.

Observing environmental laws, regulations and other requirements so as to achieve better environmental benefits and social benefits.

Established Time

Jan. 2000    ISO14001

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